thermal treatment




Our high-quality thermal treatment equipment range (ECOPASTEUR) varies depending on the product and the application.

Products to be thermally treated:

Purified water, Liquid sugars, Juices and nectars, Tea and isotonic beverages, Milk, yogurt based, flavor smoothies, UHT, UHT beer


This equipment is the most complete equipment and, just as other models, it is available in several versions, from the most basic to the most complex one.

  • Multifunctional, design, suitable for products, capacities and variable operating conditions
  • Different capacities on a single computer. High level of automation. Different pasteurization conditions
  • Process traceability system. All thermal treatments
  • All types of applications: Hot Fill / Cold Fill / Aseptic
  • Equipment versions: Board systems or multi-tube materials in contact with product from 316L titanium, SAF or Hastelloy
  • Models are from 2,500 up to 70.000 l/h
  • All thermal treatments: UHT /HTST