mixer Technology


Mixer Technology


Mixer Technology

The VPureMix® magnetic mixers were specially designed for applications with the most stringent demands in terms of safety and sterility. A magnetic coupling eliminates the risks of conventional shaft penetration, such as leakage and contamination, and thus guarantees the highest level of product safety. The optional magnetic field sensor also contributes to increasing process reliability, since the speed and direction of rotation can be continuously monitored, recorded and adjusted.


  • Adaptable design: The VPureMix® is available in two axis lengths to allow work in insulated tanks.
  • Product safety through magnetic coupling: a magnetic coupling between the drive unit and the mixing head eliminates the need for shaft bushings and mechanical seals. The integrity of the tank is thus fully preserved and ensures a sterile process.
  • Smart bracket: the VPureMix® drive unit can be rotated by 360°. This enables customer-specific design and use in every production facility.
  • Smooth surfaces: No protruding bolts or screws on the transmission or the tank fixtures. The resulting smooth surfaces are easy to clean.
  • Process reliability through sensors: the speed and direction of rotation of the mixing head can be permanently recorded and monitored in real time using the optional magnetic field sensor. Three LEDs on the converter unit's sensor indicate the status of the sensor directly on site.


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