Product Recovery Technology


Product Recovery Technology


Product Recovery Technology

Safe Discharging of Pipelines
Use your product to the last drop and finalize your production the way it begins - with a free pipeline. Gain high-quality product from your pipeline and reduce the cleaning effort for economic production.

With the product recovery technology of AWH you can process your valuable product almost entirely. The pig shoves the last drop for processing out of the pipeline. You gain an enormous saving potential for the subsequent cleaning process.

You save product and reduce the cleaning effort significantly. Merely a thin residue film is left in the pipeline and the pipe's surface is accessible for short and effective CIP cleaning.

The closed, automatic system meets the highest safety demands. The investments are amortized at an average of already seven months.


Good Reasons
• effective usage of the product
• less cleansing agent
• less water consumption
• rapid cleaning results
• short-term amortization of investments
• more success

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