Article in the journal "Food Review": Magnetic mixing technology for food biotechnology processes

06. July 2022

Food biotechnology as a tool of the food and beverage insdustry contributes decisively to making food and beverages safer, more digestible or even tastier with modern and new processes, ...


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Article in the journal "Food Review": The pros of bottom-mounted magnetic mixing technology

25. February 2022

The F&B industry is facing the challenge to keep the balance between constantly high product quality, consumer safety and efficient production, ...


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Article in the journal "Food Review": A surprising way to drive sustainability

01. December 2021

What is sustainability? Technically sustainablity describes the potential of continuing something at a steady or consistent level. In recent times, however, ...


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Article in the journal "Food Review": Pigging technology in the food industry

22. September 2021

Pigging technology or product recovery technology is increasingly becoming an essential component of modern plant design because it offers possibilities for process optimisation unlike any other technology.


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Intelligent innovations in the VPureMix® product portfolio

12. August 2021

The VPureMix® magnetic mixer product range has seen a number of changes in recent months due to new customer requirements and international standards. Models for even larger volumes, product adaptations for international use, including for the Chinese market, special alloys, and much more are offered by the new models in the VPureMix® series.


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Flexible and efficiente production

21. July 2021

Use your product to the last drop and finalize your production the way it begins - with a free pipeline. Gain high-quality product from your pipeline and reduce the cleaning effort for economic production.


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Article in the journal "Food Review": Cleaning technology: efficient selection for greater profits

25. May 2021

When looking at cleaning technology for cleaning in place (CIP) there are two frequently asked questions: Will it clean my tank and how much does it cost?


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Article in the journal "Food Review": Tank cleaning technology in South Africa

23. February 2021

AWH traces its roots to 1895 in Germany. The company entered the flow technology market in 1917  with valves for the food industry. Along with a wide-ranging fitting and tube offering, AWH now boasts an extensive array of flow technology products.


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NEW 2020: Safety valve - reliable protection against overpressure

30. July 2020

The hygienic AWH Safety valve, as the latest product in the AWH valve portfolio, reliably protects containers and piping systems against overpressure when all automatic control and monitoring systems have failed. Mechanically loaded safety valves are indispensable for the secondary protection of your plants, because they open reliably without the addition of any auxiliary energy.

The low dead space design offers the greatest possible protection against contamination in the area in contact with the product and in the area not in contact with the product. The valve with its properties is therefore suitable for the food, beverage, biopharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Company logo update 2020

20. January 2020

The Flow Division of NEUMO Ehrenberg Group is pleased to announce the launch of our updated corporate logo, which will be implemented in the following companies and brands: NEUMO, EGMO, AWH, VNE, HPT, RIEGER, HERRLI and all relevant subsidiaries.

The new logo unites the history and origins of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group and combines them with today's presence and common core business in the field of flow technology for hygienic and aseptic processes. At the same time, the new logo defines a unified and common image for the Flow Division worldwide.

The group of companies was founded in 1947 by Senator Henry Ehrenberg and is today one of the largest owner-managed manufacturers and suppliers of products for hygienic applications (pharmaceuticals/food/beverages/cosmetics, etc.) made of stainless steel and special alloys. The companies of the Flow Division are known worldwide in this segment as contact partners with the highest technical expertise and as manufacturers and suppliers of products with the highest quality standards. In addition, the Group offers engineering services that optimize productivity, product quality and profitability for our customers worldwide.

Today, NEUMO Ehrenberg Group employs over 2,000 people worldwide, of which 1,300 work in the Flow Division. Together, we have set ourselves the goal of turning innovative ideas into leading products.

Later in 2020, we will gradually implement the new logo in all media accordingly. With the introduction of the new joint Flow Division logo, we will in the future appear more comprehensively as a group and brand that together offers a well-rounded and unparalleled product range.


November 2019

Article in the journal "ProcessEngineer"

When looking at cleaning technology for clean-in-place (CIP) operations there are often just two questions on a prospective buyer´s lips: will it clean my tank and how much does it cost? Advancements in cleaning technology, however, now mean that it is possible to clean a customer´s tank and save them time and money in the process.


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Company logo update 2020

26. November 2019

Within four weeks, AWH was present at three trade fairs to welcome and advise national and international visitors.

The CibusTec in Parma/Italy from 22-25.10.2019 attracted many interested people to our booth. Together with our sister company Rieger, numerous contacts could be established.

The highlight was the most important international investment goods fair of the beverage industry, the BrauBeviale from 12-14.11.2019 in Nuremberg. Great interest was aroused by our product recovery system, the VPureMix magnetic agitator, various cleaning devices for tanks and valve technology, with which we were able to offer a suitable solution for every requirement of customers and interested parties. In addition to Rieger, KM RUSTRFRI was also represented at our booth for the first time. Their high-quality fittings and, above all, deep-drawn parts extend the product range for the food and pharmaceutical industries to the AWH portfolio.

The series of trade fairs was concluded by the CFIA from 19-21.11.2019 in Lyon/France. Here, too, numerous technical discussions were held over a coffee or soft drink and solutions were discussed together.

In conclusion, the trade fairs were again an important meeting point for the exchange with customers and suppliers. In 2020, AWH will again be represented at various trade fairs. Trade fair dates can be found HERE. We are already looking forward to your visit!

Magnetic stirrer VPureMix ATEX

05. September 2019

The perfect mix of safety and efficiency also in the ATEX area! The proven AWH magnetic agitators VPureMix® LS30 to LS20000 are now also available as ATEX version for use in hazardous areas.

By using an ATEX-compliant magnetic field sensor (available as an option) and type-tested gear motor, VPureMix® ATEX magnetic stirrers can be used inside containers with potentially explosive atmospheres Zone 1 (equipment category 2G) as well as Zone 2 outside containers (equipment category 3G) according to Directive 2014/34/EU.

Food & Drink technology Africa

July 2018

With a dynamic market growth, the food and beverage insdustry in south africa is appealing to international corporations. Covering the entire value chain, food & drink technology Africa is the most important business gathering for the sector. The combination of exhibition an comprhensive acconying program offers solutions trailored to the challenges and demands of the market southern Africa.


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