guiding principles

  • Van Der Molen is an innovative supplier of components which distributes all of the parts required by plant manufacturers, machine and equipment manufacturers, end consumers and distributors for the food industry and similar process industries.
  • We sell our products worldwide, in all standards and with all necessary documentation in various languages, based on the required national and international standards in each case.
  • The quality we provide for the money reflects our own values. Our guiding principle and daily objective is to provide quality "made in Germany".
  • Our daily actions are guided by respectful treatment based on openness and honesty, in line with statutory regulations and standards.
  • Our employees are generally selected and encouraged based on their qualifications and skills. We expect our employees to act with the highest degree of responsibility.
  • We categorically reject any kind of discrimination, unfairness, harassment, bullying and slandering and condemn any such behavior.
  • We guarantee our employees equal opportunities and equal treatment.
  • We see ourselves not only as a manufacturer, but also as an adviser and service provider, so that we can offer our customers and partners the greatest benefit and maximum added value.
  • By implementing and maintaining a standard-conforming energy management system we make an effective contribution to natural resource conservation and climate protection.